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Pardigle in Tandem

Overlooking a belvedere ... looking through the window of an airplane ... closing his eyes before falling asleep ...: have you ever dreamed of FLYING ?!


Do you want to live a unique and fantastic experience? We can book this adventure for you through the "Paragliding in Tandem" Association whose pilots are officers of the Aero Club of Italy, selected among the best in Italy to allow you to realize this dream with them !!


Flying free with a paraglider means to make a real walk in the sky in the sweetest and quietest way: exactly as you dreamed of it and you will surely be incredulous as emotionally strong it is! You will never forget a paragliding flight because, during the flight, you will use senses that you did not even know to have ... which will generate feelings hitherto unknown and that you will never forget!


For more information please contact us or report your interest at the time of the reservations.

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